Igor Pilshchikov

Igor Pilshchikov

What was your main reason for coming to Estonia?

I am here to study the materials from Yuri Lotman achieve in Tallinn and Tartu.

What is the best thing about living in Estonia?

Good ecological situation, calmness, small distances, convenient research conditions.

How would you describe your career perspectives in Estonia?

It depends on grant/position conditions in Estonia in 2013. Speaking generally, I would be happy to continue my research here.

What was surprising for you when you moved to Estonia?

I studied in Tartu 1986-91. When I came here in 2010, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive changes in the post-soviet period. They turned out to be greater than I expected.

What do you miss from your home country?

Moscow and Petersburg libraries.  However, I have a possibility to organize business trips there when I need that.

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