Abel Polese

Institute of Governance, Tallinn University

What was your main reason for coming to Estonia?

Abel Polese

1) Long term career perspectives that I was offered (in contrast to most EU universities that offer contracts for 1-2 years);

2) I had been working with some Estonian people and it seemed an easy going and nice work environment.

What is the best thing about living/working in Estonia?

So far it seems a very easy-going work environment that allows more space than most European countries to develop.

What was surprising for you when you moved to Estonia?

Accessibility of people, from the rector to ambassadors. Entering the Estonian community allows you to speak to anyone you want as a peer, another advantage of the little hierarchical Estonian society.

How would you describe your career perspectives in Estonia?

I would like to commit long term with the country. There are rumours about the government to cut funds to my university to establish national centres of excellence but I still believe it’s possible to stay here for long.

What do you miss from your home country?

That’s not necessarily from my home country but I think the main minus of Estonia is winter that lasts too long.

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