Name: Laura Siragusa (Italy)

Laura Siragusa with friends

I conduct my research in Russia with a Finno-Ugric minority. Being in Tartu makes my job easier since I can easily get a visa and travel to Russia when needed. I have already been twice this year to present my PhD dissertation and attend a festival and will go again for fieldwork and a conference. … [read more]




Name: Michal Cagalinec (Slovakia)

Michal Cagalinec

“Estonia offers a lot of grant opportunities, especially focused to EU and what is good, Estonians successfully use these sources a lot.” … [read more]





Name: Richard Hoffman (USA)

“The people were friendlier than I thought they might be. The progress in restoring buildings and roads in just the seven year span that I have been visiting Estonia has been remarkable.” … [read more]





Name: Ira Didenkulova (Russia)

At that time I had just finished my PhD and was excited about trying something new. I knew nothing about Estonia except famous stories of Sergey Dovlatov, which I liked very-very much.”…[read more]





Name: Abel Polese (Italy)

Abel Polese

“Entering the Estonian community allows you to speak to anyone you want as a peer, another advantage of the little hierarchical Estonian society.”…[read more]




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