Unemployment insurance in Europe

The employment record you have built up in Estonia is taken into account when your rights abroad are determined. You can prove your employment record in Estonia using a form called U1 .You can apply for the form electronically or print out(website in Estonian) On this form, Töötukassa will enter the information other institutions abroad will need to know. It is a good idea to ask Töötukassa for this form before you leave the country.

Contact the responsible authorities in your destination country for more information.

If you move to another EU country or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland to look for a job you can continue to receive the Estonian unemployment insurance benefit while you are effectively in the other country. This arrangement is called “export of benefit”. You will need to inform Töötukassa beforehand that you are going abroad to look for work. Another condition is that you have been registered as unemployed in Estonia for at least four weeks. To safeguard your rights to the benefit, you have to ask your job mediation consultant before you leave the country.

To be able to receive the benefit abroad, you need a special form, which is called the form U2 . This form is handed to you by Töötukassa, and contains the information concerning the period of benefit export and the deadline of registering as an unemployed in another country. To obtain a form, please contact your job mediation consultant, who will explain you the rest of the procedure.

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