Private medical insurance

If you need a private medical insurance for the duration of your stay or for a shorter period, several things need to be taken into account.

The main things to consider are:

  • What is covered? A medical insurance that covers hospital expenses and regular expenses should be preferred to one that covers only medical expenses for accidents and unexpected medical expenses.
  • What is the maximum limit covered? This is important in case of major medical expenses – the limit is the actual amount that is covered by the insurance. Should your expenses be higher, this will have to be covered by yourself.
  • Area of cover? Please consider that if you decide for an insurance that covers only Estonia, you will need to have a separate travel insurance in case you go for a shorter term to another country.
  • Excess?
  • Transportation or repatriation for medical reasons?
  • Additional benefits? Some insurances cover also dental treatment, travel insurance and legal assistance.
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