Family physicians

The first level of the health care system in Estonia is Family Physicians. Everyone has the right to choose their own family doctor. You can register yourself as a patient of your family physician right in his or her office. Family Physicians send their patients to medical specialists if and when necessary. Family doctors also write prescriptions for prescription-medicines.

Prescriptions that have been issued in other EU member countries are not valid in Estonia. So in the event that you need to buy any prescription medicines, you need to contact a doctor here.

For visits to medical specialists, a visit fee of up to 5 Euros is charged. No referral is needed to visit a psychiatrist, gynaecologist, dermatovenerologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, pulmonologist (for tuberculosis treatment), infectious diseases specialist (for HIV/AIDS treatment), surgeon or orthopaedist (for traumatology).

Visits to family physicians are free of charge if you have valid Estonian health insurance or a European Health Insurance Card. You must pay 5 Euros for a home visit.

In case you need help finding a family physician, you can contact your nearest EURAXESS Services centre for assistance. The Estonian Health Insurance Fund has established a health advice hotline that works 24 hours every day; the service is free of charge and you can use it by dialling 1220.

Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Family Physicians

There is an online registry of Family Physicians in Estonia. The page is in Estonian.
(Some relevant vocabulary: perearsti nimeosa = part of the name of the family physician; teenuse osutaja = service provider; teeninduspiirkond = service area; perearst = family physician; teeninduspiirkonna aadress = address of the service area; perearstikeskus = medical centre; registreerimise telefon = telephone number for making an appointment, vastuvõtuajad= reception hours; kontakt= contact)

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