Health & Social Security

Busy hospital corridorThe Estonian health-care system is organised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and is built on solidarity-based health financing, a well-equipped infrastructure for primary care based on family physicians, nurses and modern hospital services.

The Estonian health-care system might be somewhat differently organised compared to the health-care system of your home country. To make sure you are well informed on health care procedures in Estonia, we have compiled a checklist of things you need to know/do before and upon arrival in Estonia.

Checklist – How to arrange your health care in Estonia

  • Update your health insurance. Prior to coming to Estonia make sure you are familiar with your new health insurance situation. For more information go to EURAXESS/Health insurance
  • Know emergency procedures (112). Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures of your new country
  • Register for a family physician. Upon arrival you are encouraged to register at a family physician. You can register at a family physician either before or at your first consultation.You can find a list of family physicians on EURAXESS/Family physicians or contact your nearest EURAXESS Service Centre for assistance
  • Find a dentist. There are some public dental clinics and many of private dental clinics in Estonia that you can contact for an appointment. For more information on dental care go to EURAXESS/Dental care or contact your nearest EURAXESS Service Centre for help in finding a dentist in your area
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