If you wish to bring a pet with you to Estonia, you will need to have an international veterinary certificate or an animal passport issued in your home country before travelling to Estonia.

Many Estonians keep pets; cats and dogs are most popular. Local governments have made certain regulations about the keeping of pets In both Tallinn and Tartu, dogs must be registered.  Dogs must be vaccinated before they are registered.

Since 1st of August 2006 dogs that are registered in Tallinn must have an electronic chip that can be obtained by a veterinarian. The price for the chip is lower for those dog-owners who have registered themselves as residents of Tallinn. The regulations in Tallinn state that a dog must be registered within 5 days after it has reached the age of 3 months, or within 5 days after its purchase.

The regulations in Tartu state that a dog must be registered within 10 days after it turns 4 month old or within 10 days after you acquire it.

Cats may be registered, but this is not obligatory. It is advisable to put a collar with the registration number and contact information of the owner on the cat.

Dogs are registered in Tartu at the following address: Küüni 5, Telephone: 736 1142  or 736 1139. Hours of operation: Monday 9-12 and 15-18, Tuesday 9-16, Wednesday to Friday 9-12 and 14-16,.

To register a dog in Tallinn, it must be marked by a veterinary first.

Tallinn. Registration of pets

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