Family benefits

State family benefits are paid to permanent inhabitants of Estonia and aliens living in Estonia on the basis of a temporary residence permit. Citizens of the EU who have come to work here can also apply for Estonian family benefits for children who are not living in Estonia. You should submit an application for an allowance to the Social Insurance Board’s local pension office within six month after coming to work in Estonia and also present your passport with a residence permit and the child’s birth certificate.

A considerable amount of Estonian family benefits is paid out in the first 1.5 years of a child’s life. Read about the childbirth allowance and parental benefit in our Birth and parental benefit sub-section.

After the end of the parental benefit a parent who is raising a child under the age of 3 receives a child care allowance, which is currently 38.35 Euros.

The child allowance (45 Euros) is paid monthly to one of the parents of a child under the age of 16, and in case the child continues his/her studies, the child allowance is paid until the 19th birthday. Additional allowances are paid to families with three or more children. These benefits are paid by the Social Insurance Board.

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