Waste management

Environment friendly behaviour should be everybody’s responsibility and waste management is definitely a part of that. Every household should have a contract with a waste management company for the collection of their everyday waste. If you are living in a flat in an apartment building, the apartment association will have a waste collection contract for the whole building.

Paper and metal, as well as plastic and glass bottles can be recycled. Paper and mixed beverage containers are located in several places in towns. Most of beverage bottles, plastic, metal as well as glass, can be returned for a return fee. The amount of the return is also depicted on the bottles. Shops should be able to provide information about the nearest collection point. Containers for old batteries can be found supermarkets and photo and electronics shops. Oil, oil filters and car batteries can be returned to containers in petrol stations.

Recycling Centres in Tallinn and Tartu accept old furniture and other items that are no longer needed in your household but could be used by someone else. The recycling centre can provide transportation for larger items.

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