In Estonia one can drive a vehicle registered abroad, for 12 month without registering it here. In the event of a longer stay, the vehicle should be registered in the Estonian Road Administration. All the vehicles must have compulsory insurance.

Driving license issued in one of the EEA member states or Switzerland for a period longer than 10 years (or for an unspecified term) must be exchanged for a driving license of the Republic of Estonia within the period of 24 months as of being granted the right of residence or settling in Estonia. If you miss the right time, you must pass a theoretical and practical driving exam to exchange your driving licence for an Estonian one. The owners of a new driving licence issued by EU countries after 19th January 2013 are exempt from this rule. The new driving licences have the same look and feel: the licences are printed on a piece of plastic that has the size and shape of a credit card. If you have a driving licence issued in a country other than EU, please read the detailed instructions on how to exchange your driving licence here.

Lights must be turned on while driving in Estonia 24 hours a day. Safety belts must be fastened, also on the back seat. Children are required to have a car seat suitable to their age. No alcohol is permitted, alcohol concentration in your blood should be 0 per milles while driving. If you are driving with someone else’s car, you should have their authorisation on a blank available at petrol stations.

A parking fee is usually required in city centres. Signs indicate the prices for different parking zones and also when a parking fee must be paid. Blue lines on a parking space also indicate that it is in a paid parking area. Parking tickets can be purchased from street-side machines. It is also possible to pay for parking using a mobile phone, for which a sticker from your mobile phone operator is needed, and from them you will also receive specific instructions. The first 15 minutes of parking are free of charge if you indicate the starting time. Parking is for charge in Tartu Monday to Friday from 8.00-18.00 and on Saturday 9.00-14.00.  For more detailed information on parking regulation in Tallinn, follow the link to Tallinn’s homepage below.

The Automobile Club of Estonia helps its members and others in emergency situations and provides other services. In  some membership categories the emergency aid is provided for free. The Automobile Club’s help number is (+372) 697 9188 or 1888. You can contact the Automobile Club of Estonia by e-mail at the address or call (+372) 697 9100. One can join the Automobile Club of Estonia in their office at Laki 11, Tallinn.

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