Although films were produced in Estonia in as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the systematic production of feature films really began after the Second World War when Estonia became a part of the Soviet Union. Though the films of that period were often political or contained communis ideas, there are many pieces produced in the 60s, that have become the uniting knowledge or part of identity of all estonians. For Example Spring and Summer by Arvo Kruusement that are based on the novels of popular writer Oskar Luts and speaking of schoolchildren in the beginng of 20 century and their life as young grown – ups. Grigori Kromanov’s historical adventure The Last Relic (Viimne reliikvia, 1969) has almost become a catechism of everyday catch-phrases.

The most remarkable films of last decades are Sulev Keedus’s Georgics (Georgica, 1998), an impressive story about the friendship between an old missionary and a young boy on an island used by fighter jets as a bombing range. Names Engraved in Marble (2002) and Somnambuul (2003) deal with the pivotal times in Estonian history (1918 and 1944) from different viewpoints. An interesting group of filmmakers called „Esto TV” irritates the society with its provocative approach to the Estonian image and politics with its films Welcome to Estonia and Choose the Order! (2004) Although animation is usually considered a somewhat remote branch of film, it is nevertheless one of the most intensively cultivated film genre in Estonia. Animation has attracted creative people who are eager to experiment.

Movies in Estonian cinemas are mostly shown in the original language with Estonian subtitles.

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