Mobile phones have become just as important or even more important than fixed-line telephones. Estonia has one of the highest numbers of mobile phones per capita in the world. A customer can choose between a contract with a mobile phone service provider or a calling card. Calling cards have no monthly payments, but slightly higher per-minute rates, and can be bought from all petrol stations and news stands.

Estonia is in the forefront in the use of innovative mobile technologies. Mobile phones can be used for parking, making payments in some shops and restaurants, and for buying public transport tickets in Tallinn and Tartu. In order to make payments with your mobile phone, you need to conclude a mobile payment agreement with your bank. For parking by mobile phone a parking sticker is needed. This will be given to you by your mobile phone operator.

The three larger mobile phone service providers in Estonia are: EMT, Tele2 (web page in Estonian and Russian only), and Elisa (web page in Estonian and Russian only).

There are also many service providers for fixed phones. Several service providers also offer various options for Internet access.

You can use public phones with a calling card, which you can buy from a post-office or a news stand. You can also use the service of calling on the call receiver’s cost, for that dial 16116 on a public phone.  Calls to emergency phones are free of charge also from public phones.

You must dial 00 and then the country code to make international phone calls from Estonia. Estonia’s country code is 372.  To call the Estonian EURAXESS Services Centre at the Archimedes Foundation from abroad, for example, you should dial +372 730 0337. To call the centre when you are already in Estonia, dial 730 0337. And to call the Latvian EURAXESS Services Centre from Estonia dial 00 371 67553591.

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