Electrical appliances

Since the 1st of January 2013, the electricity market in Estonia is open (previously, electricity was produced and distributed by one national energy company Eesti Energia and its power plants). The price of electricity in the open market is set by a combination of the exchange price, the customer’s electricity consumption and competition.

If you buy a house or a flat, you should choose the most suitable for you electricity package and sign a contract with its provider. If you rent a house or flat, the owner probably already has an energy purchase agreement, and you have to make an agreement with the owner about electricity payments. Upon agreement, it is possible to change electricity package.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication. Open Electricity Market

The list of energy providers (only in Estonian and Russian)

Electrical appliances sold in Estonia must comply with European safety standards; the European CE signs and national signs (in Estonia EEI) indicate conformity with  these regulations. Outlets operate at 220 V/ 50 Hz.


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