Currency and cost of living

As of 1st of January 2011, Estonia joined the Euro-region and Euro is the new currency.

Major foreign currencies can easily be exchanged in banks and exchange offices. There are exchange offices in the port of Tallinn, at the airport, the railway station and at almost every step while taking a walk in the centre of a city.

Bank of Estonia. Estonian Banknotes

Bank of Estonia. Euro exchange rates

The avarage salary in the third quarter of 2013 was 930 Euros.

Some average prices in summer 2013 might give you an idea of the potential cost of living:

Monthly rent for a 2-room flat in Tallinn
(not in the Old Town)
270—450 €
Monthly rent for a 2-room flat in Tartu250—380 €
1 loaf of bread1.0—1.3 €
1 kg of apples0.6—1.3 €
1 kg of chicken breast5.0—6.0 €
1 litre of milk0.6—0.8 €
10 eggs1.0—1.3 €
Dinner at a restaurant10.0—25.0 €
Cinema ticket in the evening5.5—8.0 €
1 litre of fuel1.2—1.4 €
Bus/train ticket from Tallinn to Tartu8.10—10.80 €
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