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Daily life

Wifi and fountainAutre pays, autre moeurs, says the French proverb. What should you know to make it easier to get used to life in Estonia?  No need to fear the language barrier: knowing foreign languages is the rule among Estonians, not an exception, and besides English, other languages can be suggested for communication, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

A busy Estonian in a social environment is mostly serious and reserved. Estonians offer specific help and advice much more amiably and willingly than you might expect from their expressions. This is valid also in the service sector and offices.

Visiting bureaucratic institutions, you should be ready for different attitudes – from cordial helpfulness to cool politeness. Getting information is not a problem in Estonia, the main thing is to have an Internet connection, as most of what you need to find out is available there, often in English as well.

And should you wonder at home what to bring to Estonia, a pair of rubber boots (in autumn) and mosquito-repellents (in summer) would certainly come in handy.

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