Rental agreements

Rental agreements can have a specified or an unspecified term. You should return the rented property together with any further belongings to the owner at the time agreed. The owner should make reparations to the property in case of defects that have not been caused by the renter. The renter should remove minor defects that can be removed by light cleaning of maintenance which are in any case necessary for the ordinary usage and preservation of the rented property. For any improvements or alterations at the property you need the owners written consent. If the value of the property increases because of the alterations, the renter can ask for compensation. It would be advisable to agree on the compensation for alterations or improvements in advance.

In case you have a rental agreement with an unspecified term and the owner wants to raise the rent, he has to inform you 30 days beforehand in written form. The owner can ask for a deposit in the amount of up to 3 month rent. The renter can demand repayment of the deposit in case the owner has not informed the renter of any claims against him within of two months after the expiry of the lease contract.

Lease contracts with an unspecified term may be cancelled by giving at least three months’ notice. Upon lease of furnished rooms a lease contract may be cancelled by giving at least one months’ notice. The owner can cancel the lease contract if the renter is due the rent of three or more months. The cancellation of a lease contract can be contested in a lease committee or in court, the application for that must be submitted within 30 days after receiving the notice of cancellation.

Law of Obligations Act (cons 2011) Eesti Vabariigi Võlaõigusseadus

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