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Steps to Estonia

  • A plane of Estonian Air

    Arrival in Estonia

    There are direct flights between many European cities and Tallinn Airport. The best plane connections are with Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm, with several flights going every day.

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  • A flat in Old Town of Tallinn

    Finding a house or a flat

    The Estonian real estate market offers many possibilities for both rental and buy. There are a great number of real estate agencies, which usually charge a fee in the amount of one month’s rent.

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  • Estonian ID card

    Residence permits

    Different rules about residence and work in Estonia apply to citizens of the EU and to citizens of third countries. The length of your stay also influences which rules you have to follow.

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  • Estonian Coat of Arms

    Registration of a place of residence

    Registering one’s place of residence offers some benefits. EU citizens who have been registered at a local government have the right to vote in local and EU Parliament elections.

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  • Euro bank-notes


    Estonian taxation system is considered to be simple and liberal. Compared to most European countries, the major difference is that income tax has only one general flat rate.

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  • An Estonian doctor

    Health & Social Security

    The Estonian health-care system is built on solidarity-based health financing, a well-equipped infrastructure for primary care based on family physicians, nurses and modern hospital services.

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  • Estonian business people

    Finding a job for the partner

    The most common ways for finding a job in Estonia are with the help of friends, through advertisements, people search companies and with the help of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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  • Young Estonian boy

    Day care centres and schools

    The Estonian day care system provides opportunities for families in which both spouses work. There are day-care facilities for children under the age of 3, which are called crèches.

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  • rubber boots

    Daily life

    Should you wonder what to bring to Estonia, a pair of rubber boots (in autumn) and mosquito-repellents (in summer) would certainly come in handy. What else should you know? Read on.

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The following section provides information about arrival to Estonia, entry and residence regulations, taxation issues, daily life, health and family to all foreign researchers prior to the move to Estonia and after arrival.

Please do not hesitate to contact the EURAXESS Services Centres if you need further help.

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