R&D Strategy

The main strategy document for Estonia’s RD&I policy is Knowledge-based Estonia 2014–2020 — the third strategy on research and development and innovation approved by the Riigikogu (Estonia’s parliament) in the autumn of 2013. Whereas the two previous RD&I strategies focused on R&D capacity building, the current strategy aims to exploit the established potential for the benefit of Estonia’s development and economic growth. Priority setting in the strategy is based on a new methodology of smart specialisation.

The strategy document sees Estonia as an active and visible international cooperation partner in the field of R&D and innovation and outlines the aspiration of Estonia’s research institutions to high quality and versatility. One of the aims laid out in the strategy is to make Estonia an attractive place for R&D and to motivate more people to choose a career in research. Furthermore, it emphasises the need for R&D to serve the interests of the Estonian society and economy as well as increase the knowledge-intensity of the Estonian economy in general.

Text of the Strategy.

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