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There are several grant programmes available for PhD studies in Estonia. Please read about these in Study in Estonia. Scholarships section. Availability of a grant depends on the field of study and the length of stay in Estonia.

PhD students as well as PhD holders interested particularly in a research on Estonia-related topics or willing to gather material for own paper can apply for an Estophilus scholarship offered to stay in Estonia for 5 to 10 months. The Estonian Institute accepts applications twice a year.

The Estonian Research Council awards postdoctoral research grants for 2-3 years stay in Estonia (see particularly MOBILITAS programme for foreign post-doctoral and top researchers). To get a postdoctoral research grant, prior contact with a supervisor working in an Estonian R&D institution is necessary. Information on currently financed research themes and potential supervisors may be found at the Estonian Research Information System ETIS.

The Estonian Research Council uses state budget appropriations to award peer-reviewed research grants to people and research groups on a competitive basis. The holder of a research grant must have a PhD and must have published at least 3 publications within the last 5 years, which comply  with the requirements stated in the guidelines for applying for grants. The grant shall be allocated to the citizens of a foreign country, provided that the application is submitted through an Estonian institution.

Grant applications for Estonian Research Council research grants and postdoctoral research grants are submitted via the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS).

According to cooperation agreements between Estonia and Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania and Switzerland, the Ministry of Education and Research offers scholarships for researchers, students and lecturers from these countries for doing research and for studying. Read about these in our Study in Estonia. Scholarships section.

Foreign scientists and scholars considering short or long-time work in Estonia may need to visit their existing or future colleagues briefly before making a major move. The co-operation agreements between the Academies of Sciences may be useful for this purpose.

Grants are also advertised internationally on the EURAXESS Jobs Portal: look at section “Fellowship Programmes” and select “Eligible destination country/ies for fellows” and “Estonia”.

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