Social security and health insurance

Father's handHow many health insurance funds are there in Estonia?

There is only one health insurance fund in Estonia called Eesti Haigekassa. See Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

If I need to go to a medical specialist, what do I do?

It depends on which specialist you need to visit. In Estonia, the first level doctors are the family physicians and they can send you for further consultations to various specialists, if necessary. Read more about family physicians.

My wife is pregnant, is she eligible for any kind of special social services while in Estonia?

All pregnant women are entitled to a health insurance from the 12th week of pregnancy. In addition, she is entitled to a dental care refund. Being an alien residing in Estonia with a temporary residence permit, she is entitled after the birth of your child to a parental benefit and to family benefits. Please see here: Estonian Social Insurance Board.

I choose to visit a private doctor, am I entitled to a refund from the Haigekassa?

There is no reimbursement for the costs paid to private doctors.

Am I eligible to social security benefits in Estonia?

The list and terms of social benefits are available on the web page of the Estonian National Social Insurance Board.

I would like to know about the pension for working in Estonia.

The old-age pension in Estonia consists of state old-age pension, funded pension and supplementary funded pension. Information about the different pensions and conditions can be found: EURAXESS > Pensions and Estonian National Social Insurance Board.

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