Mobile parking in Tallinn

Mobile parking in Tallinn

How can I open a bank account in Estonia?

Opening a bank account in Estonia is simple – you just have to give an identification document at the nearest bank office and you will be assisted to open a bank account.

Is my driving license valid in Estonia?

Driving licence of an EU country is valid in Estonia. Other foreign driving licences that have been issued in accordance with the Vienna Convention are valid in Estonia for one year and within this time you should change your driving license for an Estonian one.

I need a place to stay in Estonia, where could I start looking for it?

The most convenient way is to use the help of a real estate agent. For more information, see: Euraxess: Finding a house or a flat.

I am renting a flat, when and how do I have to pay for the heat, water and electricity?

In Estonia one usually pays for all these items once a month and according to the bill presented by the responsible companies. It is advisable to consult the flat owner about the exact rules.

What is the easiest way to get around in Estonia?

If you do not have a private car, the easiest way is to use the public transportation, i.e. mainly the bus, since good train connections are sparse.

What about Internet connection in Estonia?

Internet access has been made available to almost anyone in Estonia. In many public places you can use wifi for free, also in universities and libraries.

What is the ID–ticket and what do I need it for?

ID-ticket is a ticket for public transportation. Please note that the ID-ticket is cheaper than the one on paper and a ticket for 3 months is cheaper than the monthly one. To buy an ID-ticket you need the Estonian ID number. Please check as well ID-ticket

What is mobile parking?

Estonia is trying to make payment for all services as easy as possible. Mobile parking is one of them and it means that you can pay for parking your car with your mobile phone. In order to have access to this service you first need to make a contract with one of the Estonian mobile phone companies.

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