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Estonian Embassy in Washington

Estonian Embassy in Washington

Do I need a visa to enter Estonia?

Whether you need a visa or not depends on your present citizenship and the duration of your stay. In Estonia, residence permits are applicable for longer visits and in that case a separate visa is not needed. Please consult our Road-map section for further details.

Do I need a residence permit while in Estonia?

As with visas, the need for residence permit is determined by law and depends on your citizenship and the length of your stay in Estonia.  Please take a look at the web-page of Estonian Police and Border Guard Board: Police and Border Guard Board. Residence permits

Where do I have to apply for a visa or residence permit?

As a rule the visa or residence permit application should be submitted at the nearest diplomatic representation of the Republic of Estonia before your arrival in Estonia. See the list for embassies here: Ministry of Foreign Affairs A short-term visa can be also applied at a representation of another Schengen member state. EU citizens do not need to apply for a residence permit, but should register their place of residence at the local government authority within 3 months of their arrival. The registration of the place of residence gives the right to temporary residence for 5 years.

What is the Personal Identity Code and what do I need it for?

The Personal Identity Code consists of 11 digits and is given to legal residents of Estonia. The ID number enables your employer to send information to the Tax and Customs Board, Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the Social Insurance Board, so that you will have access to the benefits resulting from paid taxes.

What do I need an ID-card for? How do I get it?

The ID card is an identity document for domestic use and is mandatory for all Estonian citizens over 15 years of age and for all permanent resident aliens. It carries the residence and work permit data and can be used for wide range of electronic services. The card is issued by the Police and Border Guard Board. In order to apply, see here: Police and Border Guard Board. ID card

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