Grants and vacancies

Researchers in labWhere can I find information about fellowships and grants in Estonia? What are the main research funding organisations in Estonia?

You can start looking here: Euraxess: Grants and you will get the answer to both questions.

Where could I get some information about Estonian researchers and fields of research?

Estonian Research Portal gives answers to many questions about research done in Estonia.

I am looking for a research position in Estonia. Where can I start?

Have a look at the vacancy links first: Euraxess: Jobs. It might be useful to visit Estonian Research Portal, to find and contact directly the teams doing research in your field: Estonian Research Portal. Projects

How is the salary system determined at the Estonian universities?

The universities in Estonia are autonomous and they are allowed to decide their own salary levels. See for the employment regulations at universities here: Euraxess: Working conditions. Actual salary depends on the outcome of the negotiations between the employer and the potential employee, though.

I got my PhD recently and would like to do my post-doc studies in Estonia. Where can I find information?

Please keep an eye on Euraxess: Jobs for vacancies. Estonian Science Foundation provides post-doc grants, for guidance see Estonian Research Council. Section “Research Funding”.

I am considering PhD studies in Estonia. How can I apply?

You have to apply directly to the university. The international offices in the universities can recommend you about the rules etc. For the list of the universities see Euraxess: Universities.

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